Modular and Caravan Building

Our modular buildings have been adjudged the very best in the Nigerian market.  We have fabricated and created these modular buildings in the following building types. :-

  1. Camps
  2. Mess halls
  3. Offices
  4. Living quarters
  5. Clinics
  6. Industrial Kitchens
  7. Recreational Halls
  8. Storage Facilities
  9. Industrial Laundries
  10. Ware house
  11. House Boats etc

As long as there is life in the area,  a need for fast and effective accommodation arises,   our Modular buildings are always handy.

  1. Our materials here have been our metal sandwiched polyesterene materials,  they come in parcels and have been proven to be rigid and a good insulation to both sound and heat.
  2. The steel components provides it with a long life span
  3. All electrical components and mixing are to ISO standards
  4. Doors and Windows are of heavy-duty Aluminium products and they withstand the vagaries of the weather
  5. Floor tiles are fire reterdant

These modular houses come in movable and fixed modules, hence they are re-usable time and over